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Friday, March 23, 2018

What to Do in Morzine-Avoriaz When You're Not on the Slopes

The air is pure, the snow abundant, the views spectacular, and epic slopes (the Portes de Soleil region boasts 650km of terrain), yet there's so much more to Morzine than the freedom of skiing. If you're looking for an ski resort that provides activities, bars and restaurants for all tastes, ages and experiences then Morzine is truly for you. Situated between Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc in the picturesque Northern Alps, it is only an hour from Geneva and then the perfect location for a weekend break, holiday or even to spend the whole ski season.

Aside from the phenomenal skiing and snowboarding, the adrenal junkies among you can get your kicks from paragliding, going up in a helicopter, rent a snowmobile, going night sledging or even following a fitness trail along La Dranse river and Derêches forest.

For the full outdoor Morzine-Avoriaz experience take a sleigh ride through car-free Avoriaz or try out the outdoor skating rink. Watching the local Morzine Penguins in their league ice hockey matches is also an exceptionally unifying experience.

If it's history you seek, then the slate factory is well worth a visit to discover how Morzine survived 200 years ago before tourism. If you're curious about the origins and development of the old town there is no better way to explore it than to take the official guided tours every Thursday at 10am. There's also the Museum of Mechanical Music (Musée de la Musique Mécanique) in Les Gets for those interested in history of music.

And for those occasional rainy days there are two cinemas which often show English films, an indoor climbing wall and fitness center.

After an exhausting day on the mountain everyone desires a well earned après drink (or five!) If you only hit one après bar in Morzine it has to be Bar Robinson. Run by local non-English speaking OAPs Jean-Marc, Rosine and their dear friend Nicole this bar is full of charm. The atmosphere is electric, fueled by the days riding and the Mützig lager! (a tasty super strength beer that ensures a good night is had by all – but it's advisable only to drink it in half pints!)

La Kinkerne also offers local charm and the friendliest service you'll find anywhere in Morzine, or France for that matter, and is ideally placed at the bottom of the Prodain lift for a cheeky beverage before you return to Morzine via the free bus service.

If it's late night entertainment you're after check out Le Cavern. It's a favorite haunt of seasonaires and plays popular, but cheesy, chart music whilst screening exhilarating snowboarding films.

Morzine has copious restaurants serving hearty meals to replenish weary souls after a hard day on the mountain, so to make the choice easier I've picked a few of the best.

For affordable traditional food and Savoyard specials check out 'La Flamme'.

La Barrique offers traditional French delicacies such as frogs legs, regional meats and mussels.

For those seeking extra special haute cuisine Numéro Dix is ​​the place to go with exquisite food and a relaxing atmosphere.

Source by Chris Lavender

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Senior Activities – 2 Dice Games

So many activities for the elderly, and especially craft, are generally enjoyed more by women than by men. So because our menfolk are usually more competitive and love to play games, here are two games of dice that they will enjoy. They are simple to play and need no more equipment than a pair of dice and a pack of cards. In fact the first game, needs only the dice…

A Version of PIG

Best with 2, but can be played with up to four players.

You will need… 2 Dice, Paper and pen for scoring.

Goal… Be the first player to reach 100 points.

How to Play… Each player in turn throws the two dice together. He has three throws. He adds his points together as he goes.

If a 1 is rolled, that player’s turn ends and no points are earned. If after one or two throws he decides to “hold” (rather than risk a 1 on his next throw and losing all his points) he keeps his score and passes the dice onto the next player.

Scoring Examples…

Example 1: Peter rolls a 3 and a 4 and decides to continue. He then rolls a 6 and a 1. Because he rolled a 1, Peter’s turn ends and he earns 0 points.

Example 2: Jack rolls a 6 and a 2 and decides to continue. He then rolls a 6 and a 5 and decides to “hold”. Jack scores 19 points.

Example 3: Mike rolls a 2 and a 3 and decides to continue. He then rolls a 4 and a 2 and carries on to his third throw of a 4 and a 3. He scores 18 points.

NOTE: If a double is thrown then the player doubles that amount. Eg a double 4 will be 8 x 2 = 16 points, a double 6 will be 12 x 2 = 24 points. If a double 1 is thrown then the player gets 25 points for that throw. Only a single 1 will end the players turn.

When a player reaches a total of 100 or more points, the game ends and that player is the winner.

The second game is a big family favourite, played with zest by all ages from 5 year olds upwards…

Black or Red

For 2 Players

You will need… One dice, One pack of playing cards, 20 counters (or matchsticks or some kind of “money”) Paper and pen for scoring

Goal… Be the first player win 10 games

How to play… Each player gets 10 counters. Place the well-shuffled pack of cards between the players. First player throws the dice. He then picks up a card.

If the card is RED (hearts or diamonds) he pays the other player the number of counters as per his dice throw.

If the card is BLACK (clubs or spades) the other player must pay him the number of counters as per his dice throw.

It is then, the other players turn, to throw the dice and the game continues as above.

First player to gain all 20 counters wins the game.

First to win 10 games is the winner. (or less if you want)

Hope you will enjoy introducing these games to your senior menfolk. If you would like to find more Crafts and Activities for the Elderly then please visit My BLOG

Source by Nancy Lavender

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How to Recover Deleted Emails and Restore Them Completely

It can happen to anyone. We accidentally delete an email that we really need. And it just happened to be important work file, attachment or picture. So now what? How can I recover that email? Is it at all possible? Surely, it can be permanently deleted?

Well, there is good news and bad news.

Let’s start with the good news.

Restoring Deleted Emails

If you delete an email, it hasn’t really gone anywhere. Even if you’ve emptied your recycle bin or the “Trash” folder in your Inbox – the email still isn’t deleted. It’s just that your computer system now has no way to figure out where it is. But it’s there, still on your hard drive. By using special email recovery tools you can recover deleted emails because these programs identify these ‘missing’ files and can bring them back to life.

Now the bad news.

Act Quickly and Increase Your Chances

The bad news is you have to act quickly. You only have a small time-frame in which to try to attempt to recover your lost email. Every minute that you waste and continue to use the drive for anything that isn’t related to recovering your emails, you severely decrease your chances of successful email recovery. Why?

Well, because your hard drive is constantly overwriting files to make space for new information you put into it. If your hard drive is full and there is not much space or memory available – it is highly probable that the email has already been overwritten and deleted – permanently.

Other Problems with Recovering Deleted Emails

Not all deleted or lost emails go to “Trash” folder. If you have suffered a computer crash or hardware failure or your operating system is corrupted in some way, then it is unlikely that emails you have deleted can be recovered.

Also, if you haven’t opened the email at all or it hasn’t been deleted the usual way due to file corruption, you probably will have less of a chance to recover and restore the email in its entirety.

Nothing to Lose

Recover deleted email programs search and locate the emails that you have deleted. You can search by entering a specific keyword for example. Then, you can choose to preview the email to see it’s contents and if it’s been recovered in its original state by the program. You can also select to scan for what ever email program you are using (and need to recover) – either web based emails such as Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail or Outlook Express.

Best bit is this. Most of these email recovery programs are free to download. When they start scanning your hard drive looking for the deleted email and then manage to find it and when you are completely satisfied that that’s your missing email – then you can then proceed to purchase the software.

In essence, you have nothing to lose (if the email is not there – it’s not there) and everything to gain.

Well, at least you can get your deleted email back.

Source by Giselle Sanchez

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Tiger Shroff is all praises for Disha Patani

Tiger was recently all praises for his co-star Disha and applauded her performance in the film. According to reports, Tiger said that Disha is a “sincere, hardworking girl” with her head on her shoulders and no tantrums

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Newly Unearthed Pre-Inca Tombs Show Ancient Chimú Practiced Child Sacrifice

12 children have been identified amongst the 50 individuals buried in 47 Pre-Inca tombs at a recently unearthed site in Peru. Archaeologists believe the children were sacrificial offerings. A wealth of artifacts has also been encountered, casting light on the previously unknown site, the cultures who were there, and its usage.

The tombs were found at the Lomas La Cruz site in Huanchaco, Trujillo, Peru and archaeologists told El Comercio that they are Chimú burials. Victor Campaña León, the director at the archaeological site, told El Comercio that the site was probably “an area for funerary offerings in the Chimú culture. The people probably lived in Chan Chan [the Chimú capital] and came here to leave their offerings.”

Excavating the remains of one of the sacrificed children.

Excavating the remains of one of the sacrificed children. ( La República )

It seems they left quite a lot. Newsweek reports more than 100 artifacts were found alongside the bodies. Images presented on Telesur show that several of the objects are ceramics with maritime themes, coastal animals, and geometric shapes – reflecting the connection the ancient cultures felt with the sea.

Some of the artifacts recovered from the Pre-Inca site.

Some of the artifacts recovered from the Pre-Inca site. ( Johnny Aurazo )

RPP states that the site was also used by the Salinar, Gallinazo Virú, and Moche cultures. Campaña told El Comerico “This was an urban zone before the Chimú’s used it for their offerings.” The ruins of stone corridors and rooms have been found as well as the tombs.

Gabriel Prieto Burméster, an archaeologist with the Universidad Nacional de Trujillo and Yale University and researcher working on the rescue archaeology project, told RPP “We have found several offerings. Wooden idols, camelids, sacrificed children, Chimú metal artifacts, even a tomb with the teeth of a white shark […]” Numerous fishing tools were also discovered.

Andina reports on some of the larger burials: one of a child buried with 39 (some reports say 49) spondylus shells – the most found in a Peruvian burial to date – and another of an adult laid to rest alongside eight ceramic vessels. Campaña believes the shells may have been left as an offering meant to draw in rain.

Many spondylus shells were unearthed in just one of the tombs.

Many spondylus shells were unearthed in just one of the tombs. ( Andina)

Water was undoubtedly an important element in the life of the ancient Chimú. Campaña reflected more on how rain may have had an influence on sacrifice, a ritual practice for the Chimú people, saying “What they (Chimú) wanted to do with the presence of the children in this arid area is to attract rain, to improve cultivation.” Newsweek reports that there are cut marks on the chests of some of the children and archaeologists think the hearts of the children may have been removed in part of the rain-seeking ritual.

The tombs and artifacts were found during a rescue archaeology project in preparation for a program to provide potable water to the region. According to Andina, the project has been on the go since October 2017 and is planned to continue until June this year. Archaeologists have excavated 49% of the 6,444 meter-squared site so far.

Excavating the site. Pre-Inca burials can be seen in the foreground.

Excavating the site. Pre-Inca burials can be seen in the foreground. ( Johnny Aurazo )

Prieto told Andina that he expects many interesting finds to be made at the immense site. He also suggests a museum should be created for the recovered artifacts, stressing the importance of the ancient cultures on the northern coast of Peru.

Top Image: Excavating one of the Pre-Inca tombs. Source: Johnny Aurazo

By Alicia McDermott

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